Two Year Acting Program Interview with Xandra

In this interview, Xandra Leigh Parker discusses what it has been like to study in the two year acting program at the studio.

Two Year Acting Program - Meisner Studio Austin 02
Two Year Acting Program – Meisner Studio Austin 02

Why did you decide to enroll in a smaller, selective training program like this?

I think that it’s turned out amazing. I get plenty of time in class. I get to work with thing. I get to use everyone. You get to know everyone and it turns into a very familiar safe environment due to that, and it provides you the freedom to do things that you did not know you were prepared or capable to do. I believe that it’s worked out beautifully for me personally. I think that is the significance of the two-year program, is that Charlie, especially, will get to know you quite well and be able to dig in there and work with you as you slowly lose the blocks which you have. I think that it’s significant because it is such a long program you get to really get those items to it, I figure.

Two Year Acting Program - Meisner Studio Austin 01

It's like I have a new family. Everyone here is super supportive of each other in class and out. We hold each other accountable and push each other. It is an extremely nurturing environment.

Xandra Leigh ParkerTwo Year Acting Program

And do you feel as though you’re being challenged and critiqued based on your particular difficulties?

Absolutely. I am beginning to feel before he is about to say it, what Charlie’s talking about, therefore I think that it’s starting to drop away, which is nice. I believe to what they are specifically needing to operate on, he tailors each individual’s critiques.

Along with your class, in particular, is quite tight-knit, not simply the acting class, pupils which are taking similar classes, how has that been for you personally in class and at the studio?

Amazing. It’s like I’ve got a brand new family a little bit. Everybody’s super supportive of each other in class and out, and we hold each other accountable and push against each other. I think that it’s a very nurturing environment due to how.

And you’re enrolled in the professional actor training program, how do you believe, taking each one of the auxiliary classes, you are only on your first year, but how can you see that currently profiting you into the acting class?

Immensely, not even only in my acting classes but also in existence, since I’m carrying a lot of these self-wellness classes also. I think that things had a fantastic grasp on, it’s amazing how much I didn’t understand and how much I have instituted that at the rest of my life. I think that the whole program builds on itself. I am not even certain how to say that. I think that they assist the acting program till you are about halfway through and you begin to see all the things.

You’d worked previously before you arrived here, what ultimately made you decide to come and study and commit to this program, take time out in career and actually devote to training?

I felt as though I did not have a good way of working however. I’d pieces, to having the ability to go in and do my very best work, but I did not have a solid base. If I was doing fantastic work, it had been almost rather than out of training. I believe that the choice to return to college was the best one. I have seen how I’d have approached roles before much otherwise and almost wish I could go back and do it again. In addition, I feel that my life experience with the training program has been beneficial for me personally, I’m glad I’m hitting on it in this time.

How do you believe the two Charlie and your classmates have helped you raise your standard on your own? What you’re willing to devote to the job you’re working on, the functions you are developing, how have they helped you raise your standard?

Once you’ve got one of these classes that you feel completely hastened, you want it more and more and more. It is almost like you would like your self. It isn’t a competition with your classmates, but you want to be sure that you’re always pushing and constantly striving to do something which scares you because that feeling is un-fakeable, I think, and continues to be a few of the funniest classes but also the finest things I was scared to do so, even to approach for a topic, have been monumentally helpful.

Two Year Acting Program - Meisner Studio Austin 01
Two Year Acting Program – Meisner Studio Austin 01

And compared to other areas you’ve researched or taken classes, how do they compare to Maggie Flanigan Studio?

The dedication differs. Everybody here is here for the right reasons. This is wanted by them. They are willing to work for this, and that’s just unlike a lot of studios I was in. The proportion of people who are searching for the correct reasons, who are here to train for a true artist, to make courageous and bold choices and to take it seriously. I think that’s a difference. And you feel secure here in order to try that stuff.

How have Charlie and the other educators in Maggie Flanigan Studio affirmed your individual expansion?

I think that it’s very individual. I really feel as if I have a specific relationship with every one of my instructors. Each pupil is taught by them to what they require differently. I think it individualized, and I think that is my favorite thing about it. My connection with my teachers is much different than another pupil’s, and that it ought to be.

What would you say to someone that’s possibly a buddy that has been operating in the company for a while but hasn’t really dedicated to training or else they feel like they’re stuck or maybe someone you’ve just met at a workshop and they’re maybe toying or thinking about committing to some two-year program especially, maybe not your learning in studio?

I would say, going back to college is a really difficult decision for me because I had been worried that I was taking a step backagain. But at the exact same time, I felt like I did not have the principles and at least at the start of the year no matter how frustrating the principles are, and they certainly were, I believe it’s built a much more solid base for myself to attempt frightening things, and I feel that is the thing I would say to individuals that are contemplating doing that. How can you build a career if you don’t have a foundation that is solid? So I would say, “Surely. Jump in and get it done.” This is the place for me.

Well, you are finishing up your very first year right now and you’re likely to be heading to the second year in the autumn, are you really excited?

I am very excited. We have gotten tidbits that years haven’t given away everything, but I’m really eager to try out each of the things that we keep shoving and keep pushing and keep hearing whispers around. So, yes, I’m very excited for your year. I think this program focuses on artistry, first of all, and taking chances, but it also targets work ethic. There is a lot and many of it’s on yourself. And, needless to say, the classes require you to construct on it, but if you are not working for yourself you are not doing anything. I think that this program thus far has also trained me to drive, and push, and push and constantly work hard. Charlie cautioned us at the beginning that that was it’s just to work as hard as possible. And he was correct. I really don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard in a program before, and I am very glad that I am.

And what would you say to a fellow actor who’s out there auditioning, maybe not reserving, they’re working and wish to be booking, that’s afraid that training tends to take away their validity, or set them in their mind, or take away what makes them special. That coming into a program such as this would get in the way that. What would you say to them?

I believe that this program helps you explore your individuality. If anything, it Kind of illuminates it for yourself. I’ve found a lot more about myself and my own difficulties with acting or blocks that I’ve given myself my tension and what that means for me as an individual. I think that it helps you open up your individuality over anything else. You’ve got a better idea of who you are what you believe, and as a individual, and what matters strike against you. I think, it is the reverse if anything.

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